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Does This Sound Like You...

You absolutely adore your dog. But, their bad behavior drives you so crazy at times, you imagine taking them to the nearest shelter and coming back with a goldfish. #thesimplelife

You've tried everything: trainers, youtube, blogs, books, friends, animal planet, what worked with the last dog - you name it. 

The problem is...nothing works.


To Make Matters Worse

Everyone suggests something different

This makes you doubt yourself.

You question whether you're better off doing nothing vs. risk doing something wrong.  

This is how families become divided

Your hear things like, "get rid that dog or I'm getting rid of you".

And suddenly, a perfectly good fur-child becomes another statistic. 

"You're Talking But Your Dog Ain't Listening"


Ready to toss out all those methods that don't work, and finally have a proven strategy that works every time?

Great answer!

 Introducing the only resource you'll ever need to end to your dog's bad behaviors fast.

Whether your dog is nipping, jumping, pulling, barking, becoming aggressive, digging, chewing, or eating the kitty litter, etc...

Canine Connect 360 has you covered like a paw print snuggie.

Kiss your problems goodbye, and embrace your solution! πŸ€—

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The Results Speak For Themselves

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You to can create results like these using the exact same strategies inside of Canine Connect 360


Who Am I?


I'm JTDT (Jeff The Dog Trainer) head of CIA Dog Training. And for 15 years I've been helping people train their dogs better, communicate more effectively, and end problem behaviors faster than delivery from Jimmy John's

I got my start rehabbing dominant aggressive dogs on death row. And trust me, once you can train Cujo, Lassie is a cinch. Because of that, I've developed a method that works with every dog, all the time, regardless the age or breed

With all this experience I know...


Why most fur-parents get stuck:

You asked the Google Gods for answers

Have a question, you Google it.  Here’s the problem though - Anyone can pass around free info. And the majority of it is inaccurate.

This is why so many people are actually training their dogs backwards and it feels like they are making zero progress - and they’re right.


You think like a human

You’re hard-wired to think like a human, but dogs are hard-wired to think like dogs.

Human psychology falls short of true behavior change in dogs. Once you embrace dog psychology you will experience what seems to be instantaneous results.

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"Jeff was great!! He helped our family to understand our dog's behaviors and how to work as a team to correct them. He gave us instructions that we can follow on our own. He addressed our specific concerns and issues with our dog and taught us how to handle each one. Worth the time and money! Thanks Jeff! - The England Family"

Kathy S England

What's Inside?

Fur Fundamentals

Lay the perfect foundation with pack leader points, common misconceptions, the right way to treat train so your dog listens to you and not just the snack

Barkaholics Anonymous

What? Sorry,  I couldn't hear you over your dog's annoying barking! Get every trick under the sun to take action, to finally stop your dog from yapping

The Jumpinator

Hasta la vista jumpy (said in best Schwarzenegger voice)! Every thing you need to teach your dog to quit jumping on everyone like a trampoline

Counter-Surfing Cure

One of the trickiest things in dog training can be stopping your dog from stealing every thing in sight. Well, now you can! You'll have simple step-by-step instructions

Loose Leash Love

Who likes getting their arm pulled out of the socket during walks? Not me. I'll show you the fastest way to enjoy walking your dog without getting pulled by the leash

Advanced Strategies

What if you could automate your dog training? Imagine the doorbell rings and your dog automatically goes to their place and waits calmly for you to release them.

"Implementing Jeff The Dog Trainer's instruction in "Best Dog On The Block" I've got Kota "singing. 🎢 How fun is this? I ❀️ it!! I get so excited I cheer first then remember to acknowledge w 'yes'. Guess I still need some training, too. πŸ˜… One song closer to trying for the Advanced Tricks ribbon. 🐾"

Tina Bailey Leitner

You'll Also Get...


Monthly Challenges, Fun Games & Prizes + Live Q&A's

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βœ” Keep the momentum going forward each month with a new dog training challenge

βœ” Fun games and prizes to keep you motivated with a new chance to win 

βœ” Weekly Live Q&A's to get all your burning dog training questions answered

And yes, I am a REAL dog trainer. I don't just play one on TV...


Just in case your were wondering, here's some GREAT News!

I'm the guy everyone goes to when nothing else works. I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a shepherd I can help you have a better relationship with your dog than you ever thought possible.

Don't miss your opportunity to work with the same guy who helped train America's Got Talent's 1st Singing Dog


Hear from one of our amazing members

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Plus INSTANT ACCESS To These Bodacious Bonuses

$291 Total Value FREE

Bonus 1: 5 Day Leave It Challenge ($97 Value) FREE

Are you sick of your dog acting more like a starving raccoon?

Are you constantly trying to pry stuff from your dog's mouth?

You're not alone...

Get the 5 Day Fix for your dog to learn to Leave It on command. . 

"Your dog will be able to balance a treat on their paw until your give the magic word"


Bonus 2: 5 Days To A Dog That Listens Challenge  ($97 Value) FREE

Is your dog constantly trying to bolt every time your front door opens?

This is not only irritating but can also be downright dangerous..

But what if there was a better way?

What if your dog just sat calmly and waited to go outside politely when your door opened?

"In just 5 days your dog will no longer bolt out the door until you give the magic word"



Gives a bird's-eye-view of exactly how to become the pack leader vs. pack mate.

Leverage the 10 Dog Commandments with a complete video breakdown..

Ready to learn the industry secrets to stop reactive dog behavior?

Dog reactive, kid reactive, lawnmower, vacuum, cars, bike reactive, it makes no difference...

This will give you all the tools necessary to be on your road to a calm relaxed and less reactive dog and more obedient dog

Be sure this is right for you with the

“You’re 100% Protected” Guarantee*


I know Canine Connect 360 helps frustrated fur-parents like you finally get their dogs to listen, so I’m betting on it being the right fit.

Join Canine Connect 360 and if it's not what you thought it would be, you're covered - cancel anytime.

Just a few clicks and you're outta there.

Listen to what the former Mayer has to say...

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Canine Connect 360 will help you solve any problem faster than it takes your dog's flea and tick meds to kick in


Being a member is like having me sit next to you in your living room ,showing you how to train your dog.

And since I spend most of my time helping members, I only open the doors a few days a year. 

If you're excited about what Canine Connect 360 can do for you, good news...


(But only for a short time - don't wait) Plus get all the amazing bonuses Over ($575 Value) FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

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Immediately! You'll receive an email with your login credentials as soon as you join. New content will be delivered monthly. 

I guarantee you are better off with Canine Connect 360 on your side than without it. But...If it's not what you thought it would be, you're covered - cancel anytime. 

Times are subject to change. In case you can't attend, they will be recorded and put into your members area to access at your convenience. They are currently held every Tuesday & Thursday at 8:30 pm EST

No worries. This course is designed to help reactive dogs. With that being said, as with any dog, train at your own risk. Any confrontation or contradiction through training can spark an attack. Never do anything you don't feel comfortable with

You can email me at [email protected] or call me direct at 330-240-0915

This Could Be You!

Be my next success story

You deserve it

Get results like these using the exact same strategies inside of Canine Connect 360


Join Canine Connect 360 and access all this!

Brand-new content every month will appear in your members-only dashboard.  

You'll get access to the first month's resources the instant you become a member! - Plus ALL THIS...

The 5 Day Leave It Challenge so you can teach your dog to leave anything until you give the magic word

The Doorbell Challenge so your dog goes to the place automatically when someone rings the doorbell or knocks

The Jumpinator Course which gives you everything you need to finally put an end to your dog's constant jumping

The Barkaholics Anonymous so you can finally not have to talk over your dog's relentless barking

The Counter Surfing Cure so that you no longer have to live in fear of your dog stealing food off your counters or tables

Loose Leash Love so you get the world's best tools and resources to stop your dog from pulling and start enjoying walks

Advanced Training Strategies to automate any command so your dog will respond based on the situation so you don't constantly have to say what to do

Live Q&A's so you can get answers to all your important burning dog training questions you have in real-time


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Canine Connect 360 Works Again & Again

βœ” Even if this is your very first fur-child


βœ” Have been able to train every dog you've ever had until now


βœ” Your dog is a puppy, or a little older, or older than Old Yeller


βœ” Or even paid for an expensive trainer (or several) and still failed

Works For Dogs Of All Ages!

Be my next success story

You deserve it

Get results like these using the exact same strategies inside of Best Dog On The Block 2.0

How it works

Available anytime - Learn on your schedule!  Access everything in our secure online Member area. New content is released each month.

Easy to use -  Content is provided in actionable videos, MP3s, downloadable PDF guides, transcripts, workbooks & quizzes to make ideas stick even better.

Community - Surround yourself with other smart and savvy fur-parents who “get it” and give you a shoulder to lean on when you need it most.


(But only for a short time - don’t wait)

"Jeff is an absolutely great trainer. He takes time to hear your concerns and make sure you understand how to continue training on your own between sessions. He has helped my rescue work through his fears. I highly recommend this for anyone that hasn't gone through it."

Kim Ludt



It could easily cost thousands of dollars hiring a dog trainer just to fix one of these behavior problems. How do I know? I'm one of those trainers!

In my local business, to hire me for just a one hour is $135 and up to $185 per hour for aggression.

Just imagine how many hours it could take to get all the wisdom and knowledge baked right into Canine Connect 360

For my team and I to train someone's dog for just 3 weeks is $2,495


Join now and take advantage of all this!


 βœ” Monthly Q&A's to help you get unstuck and maximize your results, effort, and time $582 value!

 βœ” A New Challenge Each Month so your dog is so well-behaved people will often mistake you for a professional dog trainer $997 value!

βœ” The exact process to stop your dog from leash pulling, jumping on everyone, nipping, and stealing food $388 Value!

βœ” The simple tools to rehab any reactive dog and say goodbye to barking with these easy to learn tactics $194 Value!

 βœ” All your questions answered in a members-only community of smart and savvy fur-parents who are there for you $622 value! 

Instant Access To These Bonuses

βœ” 5 Day Leave It Challenge - your dog will be able to leave anything in sight $97 Value!

βœ” 5 Days To A Dog That Listens Challenge - Your dog will stay with your front door wide open until you give the magic word  $97 Value!

βœ” The Chill Pill Challenge - Your dog will be calm cool & collected instead of out-of-control & crazy  $97 Value!

βœ” The Doorbell Challenge - your dog will go to their place instead of going nuts when someone is at the door $97 Value!

βœ” 10 Dog Commandments Masterclass - BIG results with just 10 tiny changes you can make so your dog starts listening better today $97 Value!


 Total Value $Priceless 

For Only $27 a month

That's less money than 1 flea and tick treatment for a dog that actually listens, anywhere, anytime...


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