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The Jumpinator

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  • The entire Jumpinaotr course so you get control of your dog's out-of-control jumping, FAST & EASY
  • The exact process you need to finally stop your dog's annoying jumping and start actually enjoying having a dog again
  • Step-by-step method to get your dog to only stop jump on command instead of jump all over everyone like a trampoline

What People Are Saying:

“Jeff Feuerwerker - so I had Alley and Benny at the vet for check ups last night and had to do the usual weigh in for both. Usually a tech holds one dog while I weigh the other. Instead I put Benny in a sit/stay in the middle of the waiting room while I weighed Alley. He did not move until I released him for his turn to sit on the scale. After weighing was over we sat down to wait our turn and a couple sitting next to me said "that was impressive". They were thoroughly impressed with Mr. Benny's behavior 😁”

Kim Ludt