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How it began...

Jeff’s first dog, a shepherd/collie mix named Judah, started all of this. Or, maybe it was Jeff wanting a puppy so badly that at sixteen he ended up taking his mom’s car and drove off to get a puppy, who he promptly trained and brought to school, off leash, two weeks later. Next Jeff was off at the age of twenty to learn from one of the country’s most respected and renowned dog trainers, Anthony Jerone, of the Academy of Canine Education, Brooklyn, NY.  

 Fourteen years later and Jeff’s Canine Integral Approach methods have proven successful all over Northeast Ohio and western PA.


What exactly is Canine Integral Approach?

If you’ve ever watched National Geographic’s The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan you’ll notice Cesar rehabilitating and teaching dogs while at the same time training people about dog behaviorism, psychology, and body language. The most successful dog behaviorists and trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and information to those of us who desire to learn more about our canine companions and be better canine leaders in any situation.

Learning how and why dogs operate the way they do in a pack (and our homes are “a pack” to a dog) allows us to better understand and shift our relationship with our canine companions, making it far, far easier for them to learn how to live balanced, fulfilled lives in human society.


How does it begin?

Jeff’s Integral Approach starts with calm, confident leadership and includes creating a bond of trust and respect, followed by lots of exercise, training, socialization, play and tricks - THE solution for many people whose dogs have started to get the best of them. People end up frustrated or believe nothing can be done or their dog is just a little off. Nothing could be further from the truth. In all probability the dog is just confused, unsure, or doesn’t know who the leaders are which is when behavioral problems arise. Or, what we call “out of balance” canine (versus a “bad dog”), and one who is most likely nervous, timid, excited, looking for something to do, confused, unsure, in other words – looking for Leadership. Canines have lived, hunted, mated, reared young, traveled and survived in balanced canine packs for thousands and thousands of years. Dogs cue off other dogs and humans when trying to figure out situations and signals. Balance is key for the survival of the pack.


So how do you get your dog back to balance?

Jeff’s been teaching his dogs their entire lives. He keeps adding to the repertoire. Like he says, it’s one of the things that keeps their minds sharp, keeps them engaged in life and gives them a job in human society. Dogs with jobs (service dogs, search & rescue dogs, etc.) are some of the most balanced dogs anywhere because they are up to something every day. Training for your dog easily equates to “a job” for your dog.  And they are thrilled to have one!


What is Canine Integral Approach offering local communities?

Our aim is to continue to create balanced relationships between dogs and their human leaders.  And that means humans who are calm and confident, and dogs that can be walked, taken places and are well balanced, well-behaved members of society. This equates to people and dogs that get along in dog parks or on walks, a neighbor’s backyard gathering, or a holiday party. This is our aim and our intention for any community – balanced dogs and empowered humans!


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