Home Remedies For Aging Dogs With Achy Joints

Is Your Dog Suffering from Arthritis? Three Home Remedies that Can Help

Did you know that even dogs can get arthritis?

Yes, even dogs can have achy joints and weak bones as they age. But thanks to the advancements in dog health and medical interventions, this problem can be manageable.

If you follow dog health and safety guidelines, you’ll likely maintain your dog’s health for a long time, but the weakening of the body is a natural process that's hard to completely avoid.

The joint cartilage is prone to thin as your dog approaches the latter stages in life. This makes it difficult for them to run or jump which were once their second nature. This can be depressing for not only us but also our dogs. Please take it easy on them and yourself during this tough time.

However, you can ease the pain your dog is suffering from by following a couple of simple remedies.


Here are some effective tips to help your aging dog with achy joints.

1. Improve Your Dog’s Diet

The real cause of older dogs with arthritis is the chronic inflammation that continues to damage their joints. It results in the wobbly walk and decreased the physical activity of your dog. This inflammation is provoked by a poor diet.

So, the first thing you need to look into is your dog’s diet. If it includes processed, grain-based food, excessive sugar, genetically modified food, or meat of factory-farmed animals, consider changing their diet. These food items are suspected to actually damage your dog’s gut and lead to arthritis.

Also, you can give your dog some joint supplementation that promotes healthy cartilage and joints. Getting the advice of your vet can help you decide which option is best for your dog.


2. Get Your Dog Moving

Physical exercise is thought to be healthy for your dog irrespective of their age. Maintaining a moderate exercise routine can help keep their bones and joints healthy and help manage arthritis as well. If you find out that your dog is beginning to develop joint problems, consider taking them on daily walks to avoid any severe damage to their cartilage. Make sure to consult your veterinarian beforehand just in case.


3. Make Their Surroundings More Comfortable for Them

To offer better comfort to your aging dog with arthritis, make their bedding and living space more comfortable. Providing a well-padded bedding and padded steps and ramps can help in preventing joints from inflammation and pressure point cartilages from suffering any further damage.


Other Options

These are some simple remedies that you can implement to help your aging dog’s achy joints. Besides getting your dog on a regular exercise routine, providing them with padded bedding, and a proper diet and supplementation, you can also consider other options including medication and laser therapy. They can help in relieving your dog’s joint problem and make things easier for them.


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